A Sincere Thank You!

I am honored to receive the 2021 Edison Dye Motocross Lifetime Achievement Award during the 2021 Dubya World Vet Motocross Championship at Glen Helen.

This honor has extra special meaning to me because Mr. Edison Dye had such a profound impact on my life. Not only is he - and Torsten Hallman most responsible for bringing the sport of motocross to America in 1966, but he directly impacted my life by recruiting me to Husqvarna Motorcycles, and gave me many opportunities to travel and race in Europe, learn about business and people around the world and - about life!

Because of Mr. Dye, I first saw Torsten Hallman race at Saddleback Park on July 4th, 1968 at the Firecracker Grand Prix. What I saw that day was spellbinding and, at that moment and on that spot, I decided to become a top motocross rider and make Torsten my role model.

Mr. Dye sat with my parents and me at our kitchen table and said this: "Mark, come ride Husqvarna motorcycles and I'll send you to Sweden to ride and train with the world's top riders, visit the factory, learn from the engineers and technicians, and race. But," he added, "you have to learn everything you can and bring it back to help us grow motocross in America." I turned 17 in Sweden that next summer.

The next year I earned my trip to Europe by driving a chase and luggage van for Mr. Dye's touring business, and along the way he introduced me to factory big-wigs, told me stories about his business adventures, interesting people and his vision for the future. And they are lessons I will never forget.

Thanks to Bud Feldcamp and the Glen Helen and Early Years of Motocross Museum Team for this important award, and for hosting this prestigious event. Best Wishes to all the competitors in today's competition

Mark Blackwell

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On the occasion of receiving the 2021 Edison Dye Motocross Lifetime Achievement Award, it feels like a perfect time to reflect on my past 50 years and say thank you to the many people who have helped me along the way:

The Early Years:

  • Wilke Adolphson
  • Stan, Andy & Team at American Jawa
  • Bell Helmets​​​​​​​
  • Tom & Mary Ann Berkley​​​​​
  • Everett Brasher
  • Champion Spark Plugs
  • Eddie Crowell & Team – Crowell’s Cycle
  • Roger DeCoster
  • Mr. Edison Dye ​​​​​​
  • Don Emler​​​​​​​
  • Bengt Farnstrom
  • Brian Farnsworth​​​​​​
  • The Grossi Family
  • Torsten Hallman​​​​​​
  • Mr. Bror Jauren
  • Brad & Lori Lackey
  • Lars Larson
  • ​​​​Gunnar Lindstrom
  • Larry Maiers, ​​​​​Hi-Point Racing
  • Whitey Martino​​​​​​
  • Dick Miller​​​​​​​
  • John Moore & Moore’s Cycle​​​​​
  • Mr. John Penton & Family
  • Ralf & Scuderia
  • Larry Soppe & Valerian’s ​​​​​
  • ​​​​​​Rolf Tibblin
  • Elon Windisch

Transitioning From Racer:

  • Pat Alexander
  • AC Bakken
  • Scott & Kathy Boyer​​​​​​
  • Gary Bryson​​​​​​​
  • Dick Burleson​​
  • Joe Colombero
  • Sven Erik Eklund
  • ​​​​​​Bob Elliot
  • Bob & Jeff Fox​​​​​​​
  • Goodyear Tire​​​​​​​
  • Aki Goto
  • John & Rita Gregory​​​​​​
  • Larry Grismer & Carlsbad Raceway
  • Larry Huffman
  • Bo Johansson
  • Leif Johansson
  • Bill Knigge​​​​​​​
  • Tosh Koyama
  • PG Larsson
  • Jimmy ‘Mac’ McIlvain​​​​​​
  • T. Miyashita
  • Bob Popiel​​​​​​
  • Scott USA
  • Hideaki Sezaki​​​
  • Tadaomi Shigenoya
  • ​​​​​​​Mr. Yokouchi
  • National University
  • Pepperdine University

Public Corporate Life:

  • Greg Brew
  • Tim Buche
  • John Corness
  • Mike Dapper
  • Gary Gray
  • Ed Heffernan
  • Allan Hurd
  • Mike Malone
  • MIC Board & Leadership Teams
  • Bennett Morgan
  • Arlen & Cory Ness & Family
  • Greg Palen
  • Robert Pandya
  • Bob Pecks
  • Polaris Industries HR, Industrial Design, Engineering, Manufacturing & Supply Chain Teams
  • Steve Smith
  • Derek Scott
  • Michael Song
  • Stacey Stewart
  • Tom Tiller
  • Hall Wendel
  • Jeff Wolf
  • University of Minnesota, Carlson School
  • University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School

Post Corporate Life:

  • Jon Erik Burleson
  • Dan Feller & The Plaudit Design Team
  • John Hinz
  • KTM & Husqvarna Motorcycles
  • Gerald Kiska
  • Steve Masterson
  • The USMCA Team & Certified Coaches
  • Northwestern University, Kellogg Executive Scholars Program

Throughout This Journey:

  • Jack & Shirley Blackwell
    (in body & Spirit) Thanks For Your Support & Encouragement, And Believing In What Motorcycling Could Mean To My Life
  • Patti & Brett Blackwell
    Thanks For Putting Up With Me (It’s not easy, I know…)
  • Greg & Amy Blackwell
  • Lori & Bill Hartfield & Family
  • Bill & Nancy Sims
  • Ken & Laurie Boyko